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Like each of us, I have many identities. I am a kid from the burbs, a national nonprofit leader, a long-time married guy, baby-boomer, artist, musician, author, explorer, world traveler, seeker of higher consciousness, and recovering golfer.

This website is dedicated to the pursuit of happiness. I believe that happy people do more good than harm to themselves, to others, and to the planet.

I wrote down a list of my favorite activities and discovered that happiness seems to come from engaging in anything that deepens my relationship with an important aspect of my life. I organized these aspects into Six Senses. You will find blog posts on what I am learning about each one:

                                                      A Sense of Place

A Sense of Community

A Sense of Purpose

A Sense of Order

A Sense of Creativity

A Sense of Freedom

I believe:

About human nature and happiness

  • Bottom-line, everyone wants to be happy.
  • Happiness can be achieved through skills that can be taught.
  • People are happiest if they are part of a “tribe” of others who care for one another.
  • Happy people are naturally generous and focus most of their attention outward.
  • Happy people will take stronger stands to make a difference because they know how to be happy, regardless of how much stuff they have.
  • When we focus on what we want to do, rather than what we should do, our emotions will guide us in being a productive, happy citizen of the world.

About the role of society to produce happiness

  • Jefferson had it right!  We all deserve to be able to pursue happiness. Economic and political systems should be set up to “make it so.”
  • The education system should teach kids the skills to pursue happiness so that they can create their own enjoyable realities in the emerging economy.
  • The economic system must embrace triple-bottom line accountability to all major decisions. The driving question should be, “is it good for people, planet, and profit?”
  • All decisions should be made using the precautionary principle—if it could do harm, don’t do it.
  • The “news” is hyper focused on murder, mayhem, and weather. This myopic agenda is an attempt to keep us tuning into the news each day to monitor threats and follow tabloid story lines.
  • Religious dogma does not contribute to happiness or enlightenment unless it is presented as a choice among many spiritual pathways that can support people’s development of higher consciousness—“my-way-or-the-highway philosophies” are flawed and will eventually give way to higher truth.
  • The ancient wisdom that undergirds all major religions is a reliable source of truth. We are all seeking more love, happiness, and peace of mind.

About the United States

  • The United States has 4.4% of the world population but generates 15% of the global carbon footprint. Our Godzilla-size carbon footprint lifestyle, if adopted by everyone else, would take 3.4 planets to sustain.  The happier we become, the less footprint we will make.
  • The United States raises 1 in 5 children, more than 15 million, in poverty. This level of poverty is intolerable, dangerous, and unnecessary. We now have the social technology to reduce and eventually eliminate poverty. (See
  • The US has less than 5% of the world’s population but almost 25% of the global prison population; Happier people don’t commit crimes. Happier people don’t put so may others into jail. Happier people improve conditions that reduce crime.  See to view my professional work.

Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you have fun exploring my site.

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