I am currently studying composition with a teacher in order to record a CD of new music. This coming week I will be meeting with an artist I met at a festival to see if she can inspire and equip me to take my drawing to the next level. The music and drawings will have the following themes.

Night Traveler

Moving in the darkness requires more feel. The distance is less known. Eventually, our sight adjusts and more light is revealed as we move forward.



Our happiness is in direct proportion to our ability to choose what we want in our life, and

accepting whatever else shows up.


Mountain Magic

The magic in mountains is potent. We carry within us enough pixie dust to change the world.

No matter what we think, we are creating our own realities all of the time.


Desert Spirits

There are desert spirits deep within these mountains whispering ancient wisdom to those ready to hear.



We are greeted each morning with an abundance of positive and negative energies.

Like an Alchemist, we mix these energies into a unique creative expression and offer it up for the cosmic soup of the day.



 The storms come and go as we transition from one sense of self to another. If we view them from an inner distance, they can be pleasant to the eye.